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The Pagan Knot » The Art » Pagan Events & Holidays » SAMHAIN - October 31st

SAMHAIN - October 31st

Do you celebrate "Halloween" with friends, family, or children?

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1SAMHAIN - October 31st Empty SAMHAIN - October 31st on Wed Oct 30, 2013 4:02 pm

The celebration of Samhain (pronounced in proper Gaelic: "sow-in")  came from the Celtic peoples many centuries ago.

At Samhain, the Sun God, who died at Mabon (September 23) returns to  the Great Mother, and awaits his rebirth at Yule.
In the mundane world, life is recycling, plants die and decay, returning nutrients to the soil that will bring life again in spring.

To read a very informative article on Samhain, visit one of my favorite resources.

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