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Support & Signature Banners

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1Support & Signature Banners Empty Support & Signature Banners on Fri Nov 01, 2013 5:56 pm


Want a Sig Banner for your forum posts, or to help promote Pagan Knot. Here are 2 examples.

On the first, you can have your user name in the top black area.

Support & Signature Banners Pagank12

On this one your user name will be in the bottom right corner.

Support & Signature Banners Mypksi10

Indicate whether you would like PK 1 or PK 2, and state the name you want painted into it.

I will get them done for members as quickly as I can

2Support & Signature Banners Empty New Freebie Graphics for Members on Sat Mar 15, 2014 6:52 pm


Here are some freebie graphics you can use.
These are made from one of my quickpages for sale at all my shops.
You can get that here:

TwyLyght , one of the admins at my art website Graphica made these for us here.

Support & Signature Banners Atcpn_10

Support & Signature Banners Awesom10

Support & Signature Banners Checki11

Support & Signature Banners Snagge10

Support & Signature Banners Thanky10

I sell graphic resources to artists & designers 

I will be loading courses on the Craft there, as well as possibly offer some graphics. 

Support & Signature Banners Paganknot

One of the best things about NOT being on Facebook are the gadgets and widgets 

you can use that you can't there! Want a Rotator like mine to display all your great signature graphics. 

CLICK HERE! and create a free account!

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